Looking for a Newquay Taxi App?

Save phone memory by adding our pre-built Newquay Taxi App WebApp to your home screen!

It’s really easy to use our Newquay Taxi app. For Android – all you have to do is either tap the ‘Add 24 Taxis NQY to Home Screen‘ button at the bottom of your phone screen. Alternatively, select the menu (3 dots in top right corner) and select ‘Install App‘ or ‘Add to Home Screen‘. (Click here for iPhone). See these Newquay Taxi App screenshots:

newquay taxi app install
newquay taxi app image

For iPhone Safari – Tap the Share icon (the square with an arrow pointing out of it) at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen. (If you don’t see the action, scroll to the bottom and tap Edit Actions, then tap Add next to the Add to Home Screen action. After that, you’ll be able to select it from the Share Sheet.)

safari share button
Safari share icon
safari add to home screen
Safari add to home screen

WebApps vs. Standard Apps

You don’t need to install memory hungry apps onto your phone. Because our lightweight speedy Newquay Taxi web app doesn’t actually install on your phone. Instead, it simply creates an App-like shortcut on your home screen to our Newquay Taxi web app. So you get the great benefits of a quick interactive app without clogging up your phone’s memory.

Use our Newquay Taxi App

Web Apps are a super lightweight alternative to installed apps. As a result you get the benefits of updates without your phone having to update anything. So add our Newquay Taxis Web App to your home screen now, so you can quickly and easily book a Newquay Taxi when you need it!

There are other services in the area that also offer Newquay Taxi app services and you can find some here on taxinewquay.com. Here you will find listings of local services who also offer a Newquay Taxi app. However, you may need to install these on your device and maintain updates.

The wonderful thing about a WebApp is that when the companies system is updated on their server, those updates are instantly available. So when you open the Newquay Taxi App, you get the latest version of that service. Subsequently there is no additional downloading to be done. And, the only memory on your phone used is for the home screen shortcut . So add our Newquay Taxi app to your home screen now.

Our super speedy Newquay Taxi App let’s you book taxis quickly. Also, you can get instant fare estimates and book.