Uber Newquay

Does Uber operate in Newquay? No, as far as we know there is no Uber service available in Newquay, or Cornwall, and the nearest location is Bristol.

However, we can offer an excellent Newquay Taxi service in it’s place, just click on the ‘book a taxi now’ button above, and although we cannot give you an Uber Newquay Taxi, we can still provide you with the cab service you need for your travels in and around Newquay.

So next time you think Uber Newquay, think 24 Newquay Taxis instead, and let us look after you for your days and nights out with a reliable service at a reasonable price, and you can pay by cash or card, just give us a call on 01637 872424.

Why not install our Newquay Taxi Web App as well. Unlike Uber Newquay, you don’t need an account, or need to register your card details. It’s simple quick and easy to use. Click here for more.